Alexandre Larocque

Director, Advisory Services
As the Director of Advisory Services, Alexandre Larocque's primary focus is on building the Cytelligence Advisory Services portfolio which includes: cyber security strategy development; vulnerability management; security operations; cyber managed services; and critical infrastructure protection. He brings more than 10 years of experience in security reviews, source code analysis, secure coding methodologies, penetration testing, exploit writing and development, malware analysis and reverse engineering, all of which will benefit Cytelligence's clients. Alexandre has provided consulting, governance, management and critical security information application services to a wide array of industries and firms, including various Fortune 500 clients and governments. Importantly, he understands the inter-relationships of various departments, management functions, and operational responsibilities—and what it takes to develop excellent proactive cyber security posture for organizations today: business development; strategic planning; leadership management; web application penetration testing; vulnerability assessments; red teaming; and adversarial simulation. He is known for helping clients achieve better awareness of the threat landscape, risk visibility across complex distributed environments, and more effective approaches for detecting illicit cyber behaviour. He has served as a trainer and advisor for instructor-led training (ILT) on software reverse engineering and secure programming. This experience gives him a unique perspective in discussing cyber security risks with clients of all sizes, across all industries. The foundation of Alexandre's talent as a cyber security expert lies in his technical knowledge and computer engineering skills. He has superior understanding of computer languages (C/C++, Java, SQL, ASM, Python, PHP, Delphi, C#. NET); development tools and services (MS Visual Studio, Eclipse, gcc); protocols (IPv4/IPv6, VoIP); network security; operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS); database (MySQL, MSSQL); and security (offensive security, honeypots, Snort, virtualization, Metasploit, Advanced Windows debugging, Kali Linux, exploitation, post-exploitation, rootkits, Win32 kernel-land and user-land reversing, file format fuzzing, protocol fuzzing). In the early part of his career, he was a malware researcher and a security software designer, which gave him broad and deep understanding of both computer coding as well as the thinking patterns of hackers and cyber criminals. Alexandre holds a Bachelor in Computer Engineering from the Université du Québec en Outaouais (2012), with a specialization in security. Fully bilingual, Alexandre is able to serve Cytelligence clients in French and English. Call Alexandre Larocque at 1.416.304.3934 or email