NARCITY – This Russian Website Is Streaming Hundreds Of Cameras In Canada Right Now

Daniel Tobok
Posted on: March 20, 2019

Last year, multiple news outlets reported on a disturbing websitethat provided access to live streams of unsecure cameras in Canada and several other places around the world. While some sources claimed that the website was shut down in 2014, a quick online search reveals it is still up and running in 2018, right at this very moment.

Security experts say the open connections that come from unsecured cameras or other devices could serve as potential entry points for malicious hackers. Daniel Tobok, the CEO of cyber-intelligence firm Cytelligence Inc., told Global News that the options are limitless for hackers once they’ve infiltrated a server.

“They can jump into other infrastructure parts. Again, that can be the router, and they can open up other ports for them to come in with a bigger attack. They can reconfigure things like the firewall. They can jump on the Wi-Fi. There’s a lot of things that they can do.”