On-site and Remote Evidence Acquisition

Forensic acquisition is a critical component of a forensic investigation. Acquisition activities must be performed in each and every instance through an approach that ensures the quality of information, its accuracy and containment. Improperly acquired information can lead to disruption of property (forfeiture, seizure), inaccurate information, and inadmissibility in court making litigation difficult.

Daniel Tobok“We have provided organizations with the logistics, management, and acquisition of evidence through a well documented chain of custody around the world.”
Daniel Tobok, Chief executive officer

Cytelligence forensic investigators and analysts have extensive law enforcement or military backgrounds to ensure all on-site and remote acquisition of evidence is done in a precise and consistent manner following proper chain-of-custody protocols. We can acquire and supply information in a variety of formats from systems with different characteristics and drive sizes.

  • Ability to perform live acquisition from memory and drives while in operation.
  • Capacity to pull evidence and related information from computers and devices.
  • Comprehensive data acquisition, verification, back-up and secure storage of information.
  • Support for eDiscovery investigations, litigation support and internal audits.
  • Capability to perform evidence acquisition in Anton Piller Orders.
  • Evidence protection.

Our team has performed data acquisitions in a variety of technical environments, circumstances, and data sizes. We support organizations in the acquisition of evidence through on-site practices performed in a professional and confidential manner as well as remote-acquisition through a variety of secure transfer mechanisms.

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