Execution of Anton Piller Order

Cytelligence has been providing critical, flawless execution of Anton Piller Orders for more than 20 years for corporations and law firms. Anton Piller Orders are frequently useful and necessary during sensitive investigations and associated search-and-seizure engagements that involve IT assets and stored information.

“The Anton Piller order , also referred to as APO is a court order that provides the right to search premises and seize evidence without prior warning. This prevents destruction of relevant evidence, particularly in cases of alleged trade mark, copyright or patent infringements.”

  • Cytelligence’s digital forensic experts have former law enforcement, military or intelligence backgrounds
  • Our team has extensive experience in performing multi-dimensional search-and-preserve duties
  • Assistance in identifying potentially relevant evidence
  • Acquisition of computer, network, and other digital assets and information
  • Obtaining evidence in a manner that is admissible in court
  • Analysis and investigation of data with clear identification of facts
  • Assurance of reliability of evidence
  • Preparation of expert reports
  • Opinion on and validation of Third Party expert reports and evidence

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