Digital Forensics Investigations

Cytelligence’s Digital Forensic Investigations practice provides broad services related to the collection, forensic analysis and reporting of digital evidence in legal, criminal, regulatory and other investigations and proceedings. We have many years of experience in presenting digital evidence in the most heavily scrutinized matters. We can help build a strong case upon collecting and analyzing a broad range of artifacts, which when properly analyzed will conclusively answer the most relevant questions.

We follow a strict, consistent and repeatable methodology that ensures quality of information, investigation and presentation of evidence.

Our forensic experts have extensive experience in law enforcement, the military and the private sector working on investigations of varying degrees of complexity, legal stature and confidentiality.

Our team has been involved in legal testimony on forensic and security cases and delivered expert witness testimony.

We combine technical expertise in digital forensic investigations, electronic discovery and intrusion response with experience in business, consulting and law enforcement to offer Canada’s leading forensic technology services.

We leverage our experience in offensive security, breach responses and private investigations to ensure a complete and pragmatic discovery of evidence.

We have worked extensively with legal counsel to ensure the proper support in your legal proceedings.

Cytelligence is a trusted advisor to hundreds of clients including top tier law firms, prominent and multi- national corporations, government agencies, private companies and individuals spanning a wide range of industries across Canada and internationally.

  • We provide digital forensic examinations of all forms of digital media including laptops, cell phones, modern mobile devices and servers.
  • We can establish investigative teams that include legal counsel, private investigation, auditors, security experts, forensic specialists and secure evidence delivery.
  • In coordination with our offensive security team, we can help determine the source of hostile communications such as phishing attacks and e-mail harassment.

Our focus is on the delivery of informative and actionable cyber security consulting that allows your organization to meet its enterprise transformation goals.